IVECCS in Washington DC!

Wow! IVECCS 2015 was incredible in Washington DC.  So glad I took the opportunity to head off with friends to explore DC before two days of AVECCT Council of Regents Meetings, and then IVECCS started in full swing!!

I had the awesome honour of being selected the AVECCT Specialty Technician of the Year.  As this is only the third offering of this award, and previous recipients have been Harold Davis and Nancy Shaffran, I am so excited! What an incredible honour!

IVECCS 2015 enjoyed the highest technician attendance ever, at 864.  Almost 1/2 of our AVECCT Membership was in attendance!! All in all, the technician program was amazingly received, thanks to all the terrific speakers!

Now, we get to do it all again… planning for IVECCS 2016 has already begun!


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