New RECOVER CPR Training

  • Train with your team at your clinic
  • Great team building exercise!
  • ALL staff trained to RECOVER Standards
  • Accredited Continuing Education
  • Learn to lead when it matters most
  • Be trained and ready when an arrest occurs

RECOVER CPR Training, the only evidence-based veterinary CPR training based on the RECOVER Guidelines has become the standard in veterinary CPR training. Only RECOVER Certified Instructors can deliver standardized training using the developed simulation based training developed by RECOVER.

RECOVER Veterinary CPR training begins with two online courses; Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support.  Courses are purchased through the RECOVER Initiative, and these courses provide the underlying theory and understanding of techniques used in CPR.

Upon completion, to be fully certified in RECOVER CPR, participants must attend and pass an in-person session for both Basic and Advanced Life Support.  These are small group sessions where simulation is used to ensure proper technique while following the RECOVER Algorithm!

As a RECOVER Certified Instructor, I am one of a handful of Instructors in Ontario who are offering in-clinic training. I am also frequently asked to deliver this experience at veterinary conferences.  These sessions are fun, engaging and a great team building exercise! Once complete, each individual will be sent a certificate from the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care and the RECOVER Initiative, identifying each person as a BLS and/or ALS Rescuer.

Reach out and I can provide a customized quote!

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