Upcoming Webinars

Wednesday July 28, 2021. Monitoring the Critical Patient. 7-8pm EDT

Not only is it important to know when to use various monitoring instruments, it is even more important to understand how each device works, and their limitations.  This lecture reviews the function and use of various monitors, including pulse oximeter, oscillometric and Doppler blood pressure, and ECG interpretation of common arrhythmias.  References to the current literature and comparisons to gold standard techniques will be provided.

Program Agenda:

  • One-hour virtual delivery
  • The Webinar will include interactive polls throughout to solidify information presented.
  • We will review the use of various monitors and the how to ensure the numbers are accurate.
    • Pulse oximetry: uses, principle, and limitations and how to ensure the numbers match the clinical picture of the patient
    • Non-invasive blood pressure: review of the physiology and what it is measuring, comparison and limitations of the two techniques
    • Electrocardiogram: review of the use in veterinary practice, and review of common arrhythmias.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn the principle and limitations of pulse oximetry and how to interpret the information provided for accurate assessments
  2. Review the phases of arterial blood pressure and how they relate to the pressure curve.
  3. Learn how to perform non-invasive blood pressure measurements using common equipment.
  4. Review ECG monitoring techniques and several common arrhythmias

This course has been APPROVED for one hour of RACE CE for veterinary technicians and veterinarians.  Attendees must attend the webinar live to receive their RACE credit.  Recording will be available for all attendees for 30 days post webinar (not for credit).

Cost: $25 CDN/$20 USD

This presentation has been delivered at numerous conferences including:PacVet, CenCan Conference and Midwest Veterinary Conference.

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Past Webinars

June 23, 2021.  Complications of IV and Medications. 7-8pm EST

While it is something we do as technicians and nurses everyday, there are many potential complications associated with IV fluids and medications. Drug and/or fluid incompatibilites are a significant yet under-addressed concern in veterinary medicine, while in human medicine drug incompatibilities lead to increased morbidity and mortality.  As the number of medications a patient is receiving increases, as does the risk. This requires vigilance on the part of the nursing team, and resources such as drug compatibility apps, charts and books to ensure the best safety for our veterinary patients.

We will discuss the risks of incompatible drugs, options for delivery, and the types of interactions that can occur.  All with the ultimate goal of awareness and preventing this very common medical error.

Other types of issues related to the intravenous delivery including phlebitis and thrombosis recognition, extravasation, medication calculation and administration errors will be discussed.

This presentation has been delivered at numerous conferences including: BCVTA Annual Conference, VET Conference, SouthWest Veterinary Conference, CVMA, PacVet, OAVT and NYSVC

My Drug Compatibility Chart (Common Veterinary Drugs) is a perfect companion to this course! If you would like a copy, order it here!




RACE Approved 1 hr Credit: Interactive Webinar, Continuing Education Related to Medical. Approved for both Veterinary Technicians and Veterinarians.

To earn RACE Credit, must attend the session live.  Will be recorded however and each attendee can access the recording for 30 days following the event.

Please contact andrea@steeles.ca with any questions!

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