Virtual Training

Sometimes distance makes it difficult to arrange in-clinic training.  That’s why I also offer webinar based training! Webinar’s make the world a much smaller place, allowing the whole team to participate at a time that works for you.  All we need is a computer, internet, speakers and a microphone on your end, I’ll take care of the rest.  Ideally, all participants will be in the same location to maximize the experience, however we can arrange for staff members to view the webinar from home if preferred.

Webinars are fun and interactive, with lots of time for questions.  We can tailor a program to meet your needs, and arrange the timing that works best for you.  Contact me for more information on the webinars that can be delivered to your clinic.

NEW! Virtual “Hands On” Procedure Training! Coming in 2022.  Do you want to have the experience of a vascular access lab at a major conference, without attending the conference? I can help you arrange sessions with your entire team, from a distance! Using readily procurable and inexpensive models, I will walk you through the steps of peripheral venous access or central venous access! More to come! Note, there will be a small purchase list that each participant must acquire prior to the training. This will be fully interactive, fun and amazing training for your team.

Click the chat link in the bottom right to contact me, or send me an email at if you are interested.

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