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NEW! March 7, 2016. Recognizing an Emergency, 12pm EST (1:30pm NST, 1pm AST, 11am CST, 10am MST, 9am PST)

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This webinar is a companion to the March 16 Triage Webinar and is geared to ANY staff that work in the front office and may greet emergencies!

Can you recognize an emergency when it arrives at your front desk? Can you see beyond the owner’s anxiety and critically evaluate the pet? Can you perform telephone triage? Do you know the point that it is important to get the technician or veterinarian involved? These are skills that anyone working in the front office or greeting emergencies need! In this session, we will use video, sound and pictures to help you to decide if a pet is truly emergent. We will also discuss strategies for prioritizing (triaging) patients based on urgency, and also how to recognize if a patient is going “downhill” in your waiting room.

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