What can I offer you, your clinic and your veterinary TEAM? I offer numerous TEAM-centric opportunities designed to teach, inspire and motivate! Each of my sessions emphasizes how veterinary technician’s can increase their value in the practice, inspires critical thinking, and encourages veterinary technicians to continue to learn.

As an Emergency and Intensive Care Unit Technician with many years of experience, a Veterinary Technician Specialist in Emergency and Critical Care, and an award winning speaker, I have figured out what makes veterinary technicians get excited.  LEARNING! A veterinary technician who is not given the opportunity to learn and create, stagnates.  A veterinary technician who has lost their enthusiasm is not a valuable team member, spreading their discontent amongst the whole practice.  Oftentimes, finding a niche or challenge for this veterinary technician is the push needed to make them remember why they went into veterinary technology in the first place.

Continuing education is critical… but also very expensive.  On average to send ONE technician to a conference costs anywhere from $500-2000 +, not including any paid time off benefits and covering their shifts.  While the conference experience is very valuable; it allows veterinary technicians to connect with their peers, provides state-of-the art information, and is a great source of free pens for the clinic, it is unlikely that your practice can send the entire team. When only one team member is able to attend the conference, implementing new ideas or protocols gathered at the conference becomes a challenge. The veterinary technician that attended the conference has to now “sell” the ideas to the whole team, and this can be very difficult. Eventually, the enthusiasm of this technician wanes, and all benefit of sending the technician to the conference is lost.

This is where TEAM training comes in. By including as many veterinary technicians, veterinarians, receptionists and other team members into either in-clinic or webinar based training, the WHOLE TEAM experiences the continuing education at the same time! This inspires discussion, collaboration and motivation!

My sessions can be offered during or after clinic hours, on weekends, evenings, or other times that are suitable for your clinic. Please see more information under the various services for more information. For members of the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians, CE credit can be obtained.

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Nothing beats hands on, in-person training for the veterinary team in your clinic. Designed to meet your specific needs, sessions can be arranged around your schedule in half-day or full-day increments. Best for small groups.

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Webinar’s make the world a much smaller place, allowing the whole team to participate at a time that works for you. We can tailor a program to meet your needs, and arrange the timing that works best for you.

readiness audits

Is your clinic prepared for emergencies? I can help you audit your emergency procedures, protocols and clinic equipment and supplies! This is a great option for both new practices and established practices looking to update.

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