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  • New! Hands On Virtual Training

    New for 2022: Learn HOW to place a central line or peripheral IV catheter virtually!  Actually see and do the procedure, with my guidance.  Get more information here.  

  • Upcoming Webinar!

    Excited to announce I just got RACE Approval for this 1 hr Webinar “Monitoring the critical patient” If you would like more information or to register, click here.

  • New! Buy the Compatibility Chart!

    Drug administration errors are no laughing matter, and they can contribute to significant morbidity and mortality of patients. Like many administration errors, they are also very easy to prevent! Any patient receiving intravenous medications is at risk… and one way to mitigate that risk is to check compatibility of various medications that the patient is…

  • Recently Published!

    Recently Published!

    Analgesia and Anesthesia of the Critically Ill Dog and Cat released February 2018! Mathews, Sinclair, Steele and Grubb.         The much anticipated 3rd Edition of the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Manual, by Dr. Karol Mathews! Released Fall 2017 by Lifelearn.  More details to follow, I am a contributing author.    …

  • A Perfect “10”

    I spoke recently at the UTCVM Conference, and had the best audience of technicians from across the state and as far away as Ohio! we had a great day, and to cap it off, my evaluations were a perfect 10/10! I’ve never called myself a “10” before, but I was proud to receive a perfect…

  • Webinar Announcement!

    Triage of the Emergency Patient “First impressions” are formed in the first three seconds of new situation.  Visual cues such as demeanour, body language, and grooming are used to evaluate a person.  What many don’t realize is that we can use these same skills to evaluate and triage emergency patients.   Triage is an art form,…

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