A Perfect “10”

I spoke recently at the UTCVM Conference, and had the best audience of technicians from across the state and as far away as Ohio! we had a great day, and to cap it off, my evaluations were a perfect 10/10! I’ve never called myself a “10” before, but I was proud to receive a perfect score that day.

Some of the comments:

“Andrea M. Steele was a fantastic speaker!!”

“I really enjoyed Andrea as a speaker. She is very knowledgeable about all the topics she spoke about. I am leaving with enough information that I hope will benefit my current employer and myself”

“Andrea is clearly one of the very best speakers I have ever heard.  I have learned many valuable lessons that I can immediately apply to my daily responsibilities at work.  I’d love to have her back again!”

Thanks so much for a such a warm welcome and reception Tennessee!! I had a great time!


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